Vindale Research Review: Legit Survey Site Or Scam?

There are countless survey sites online, as you’ll see in this Vindale Research review.

Because doing surveys for money is such an easy way to make money fast.

But there’s a problem. Most online survey sites pay little to nothing. Some are outright scams. So, it’s important to join survey sites that are legit, worth your time and effort.

Survey Junkie pays $2 to $69 per survey. And most take just a few minutes to complete.

But, it can be daunting to find the platforms offering the best rates for your time and effort. We’ve tried to make it easier for you, by reviewing one of the highest paying survey sites available: Vindale Research.

Vindale Research is one of the oldest survey sites on the Internet. Based in New York City, the company has been around for over a decade.

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According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Vindale was opened back in October 2005. It is owned by a company known as iGain LLC, and the Vindale Research parent company is SayForExample, Inc.

About Vindale Research

Vindale is a well-established research company and has even worked with some of the top businesses around the world, such as Disney, Netflix, Verizon, Amazon, Volkswagen, Nike, Samsung, among many others.

This market research company rewards its members for completing paid surveys and sharing their opinions about products and services before they reach the consumers.

As a Vindale member, you get real money for taking market research surveys, while companies get real feedback from their valuable customers. Typically, it is a win-win for everyone. Don’t you agree?

Since 2005, Vindale has expanded its paid survey community by targeting survey takers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Vindale Research has partnered with some of the largest companies in the United States to conduct paid surveys, product testing, case studies, incentivized email marketing, and so much more.

According to its website, Vindale Research has paid out more than $7 million to its members over the past years. Not to mention, the number is growing every single day. This shows the credibility of this survey panel.

Is Vindale Research Legit or Scam?

Taking paid online surveys are increasingly becoming the best way one can make some extra money online – but not all these market research companies can be considered to be good ones.

Well, I cannot argue anymore. Based on my findings and what thousands of valued customers are saying, Vindale Research is a 100% legitimate and reliable survey that you can take surveys and get paid for it. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to earn money online quickly, then you might want to consider joining Vindale Research.

Furthermore, Vindale Research is absolutely free to join and easy to work with. You won’t even be wasting your time, because, with Vindale, you’ll get paid for it.

Signing Up For Vindale Research

You must be at least 18 years of age and above and must be residing in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada to sign up.

Tip: Never register for survey sites that require you to pay. Research companies that ask for payments to join are certainly a scam and fraudulent.

Signing up with Vindale Research is super easy and quick as joining any other platform. However, you need to have a valid email address to get started.

On the home page, you can either join Vindale by entering all of your information manually or just connect with Facebook. If you choose to sign up with Facebook, Vindale will collect your information to fill out your profile.

Vindale Research does not sell your information and takes your security and protection of its users very seriously. So you don’t have to worry about them posting any information on your account with permission.

Once you’ve provided your basic details, you will then be required to answer some demographic questions, including your zip code, relationship status, annual household income, and so on.

This helps Vindale to determine which companies you will be the most useful for. Therefore, I would recommend you be very keen and truthful when answering these questions.

How Does Vindale Research Work?

In my experience, Vindale Research is incredibly simple and features a user-friendly interface. Once you have completed all the details as required, Vindale will use your profile and demographic information provided to match you with relevant surveys expertly.

You can decide to browse current surveys available in the list on their website, or you can just wait for them to email new surveys which you qualify for.

Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them and request your payment either via PayPal or a personal check sent by postal mail.

How Much Can I Make With Vindale Research?

Just like other survey websites, you won’t get rich by just completing paid surveys on Pinecone Research. However, Vindale Research is a legit platform where you can make easy money on the side.

The fascinating thing about Vindale Research is that it’s considered one of the highest-paying survey sites on the Internet. The best part is that I awarded an instant $2 FREE for just filling out my profile.

According to their website, you can expect to make approximately $0.25 to $50 from completing a single survey. The amount you can on each survey depends on the length of the survey, and the number of survey-takers (panelists) who are qualified.

For example, a survey that is specified for a medical professional like a doctor will have a higher payout.

One important thing I discovered is that you a minimum threshold of at least $50 before you cash out any money. This is much higher compared to other survey panels I have come across.

Pinecone Research, for example, doesn’t have a minimum redemption amount – you can withdraw the money as you earn it. With Vindale, you will have to work for longer before you can make any withdrawals from your account.

Please note, Vindale Research processes its payments twice per month; on the 15th and final day of each month.

How To Make Money With Vindale Research

Although Vindale Research is recognized as a paid survey site, it offers multiple ways you can make extra money online apart:

  • Doing Surveys: Completing surveys is the main way you can make some money on Vindale.
  • Refer Friends And Family: According to their website, you will get a bonus of $5 for each person you get to join Vindale Research.
  • Reward Mail: You will earn $.05 on opening reading every Reward Mail e-mail you receive.
  • Watching Videos: If you are tired of convincing friends to join Vindale Research and completing surveys, you can still earn by just watching videos.
  • Reward Codes: Vindale Research offers reward codes to keep its members engaged. They post several reward codes every week, but there is no set schedule for when they will be going live. If you find and enter the right code, you will have the chance to earn $.10.
  • Your Photos: You can get a $5 bonus by just showing off your earnings. You simply need to send in a payment photo of yourself to Vindale.

How Do I Get Paid With Vindale Research?

Getting paid on Vindale Research is simple.

You can request payment through PayPal with no payment processing fees or by check mailed to you directly. PayPal payments usually take about a day to process. Check payments can take up to ten days to arrive through the mail.

Vindale Research Review: Pros

  • One of the highest-paying survey sites
  • Trusted by many major brands
  • It is absolutely free to join
  • Vindale pays real money to members
  • One of the few sites which pay in cash
  • There are multiple ways to make extra money
  • The panel is well laid out and simple to navigate
  • It has incredible social media integration
  • Vindale offers strong referral bonuses
  • You can complete your surveys on any device
  • Exceptional customer support team

Vindale Research Review: Cons

  • The minimum amount to cash out is $50
  • Average hourly wage earnings are low
  • No option for redeeming for Amazon gift cards

Vindale Research Review Wrap-Up

Vindale Research is the best option for those looking for a new way to make some extra money online every month. In my experience, Vindale Research is one of the best and highest-paying survey websites that I have come across so far.

I highly recommend Vindale Research, but as I mentioned earlier, Vindale won’t make a fortune for you or offer an alternative to normal employment.

However, Vindale Research offers multiple ways that you can engage in and make some extra money while relaxing at home. The fact that Vindale offers payments via PayPal makes it possible for its members to withdraw their money from any part of the world.

The major downside I realized is that you need a minimum threshold of $50. Therefore, if you earn $70, it will only send you $50, and the rest of $20 will have to wait.

Other survey sites like Vindale Research I would recommend you check out include Survey Junkie, Pinecone Research, and Swagbucks.

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