Vindale Research Scam? Learn The Truth In This Vindale Research Review

Heard word about a Vindale Research scam? You’re not the only one.

Yet, others seem to be making so much money with the service. So, who’s telling the truth? What gives?

Today, we’ll be giving an honest, objective assessment of the popular online survey site in this Vindale Research review.

At Careful Cents, we’ve written at length about online survey sites, cashback apps and other ways to make money online.

Vindale Research is one of the most popular. But is Vindale Research legit? Let’s find out together.

Is Vindale Research A Scam?

It depends on who you ask. They aren’t breaking any laws, so it’s legit in that sense.

There’s a lot of good when it comes to Vindale Research.

At the beginning of our research, there was no signs of any kind of Vindale Research scam because:

1. Their domain name has been registered for since 2005, according to domain recordsSo they’ve been around a while.

2. Vindale Research even pays more than competing sites, and they don’t use a confusing point structure either.

3. They pay you in cash, either via PayPal or via cash straight to your bank account. Simple as that. So far so good.

4. They’re out in the open, too. Given the blowback sites like this often get from consumers, the fact they have a claimed Yelp is good sign.

5. As apart of this Vindale Research review, we checked out other reviews, too. Blog sites of all types rave about the service.

We won’t name them, because, unfortunately, we don’t think the good outweighs the bad (more on why in a bit).

So, that’s all the good. Here’s the “so-so” part:

They have a high payout threshold.

What does this mean? It means that you can only withdraw your balance when it reaches a certain dollar amount.

While apps like Uber and Lyft allow you to get paid whenever you want via Instant Pay (up to 5 times a week), Vindale only allows you to cash out when you reach a $50 balance.

Doing online surveys is a great way to make extra cash, yes, but it’s not going to get you rich. Vindale Research is no exception. So no signs of a Vindale Research scam (yet).

But because online survey companies like Vindale Research only pay so much per survey. This Reddit user described it best:

“I did one of the daily surveys and got $1.25 then I tried again as it said you can do it ten times a day and then it said no more surveys available.”

Lack of supply leads to inability for the user–that’s you or me–to effectively reach that threshold. Which sucks. Because you’re working, working, working… and you don’t get paid.

Again, using Uber or Lyft as an example, you can keep driving until you want to make a certain amount. Then when you want to cash out, you can.

Vindale doesn’t allow that. But don’t stand on your rooftop yelling “Vindale Research scam!” yet.

If that were the only problem, we’d still rate them well. The website is sleek, the app itself is user-friendly. It’s great from a UX perspective.

And again, despite the high payout threshold, they do pay better than everybody else.

But that’s not where the problem ends, based on feedback we’ve found and what we’ve experienced going through it ourselves.

A high payout threshold is there to incentivize you to do as much survey work as possible.

A frowned upon marketing tactic? Yes. But again, not justifiable cause to stand on the roof and shout “Vindale Research scam!”

Here’s where things get bad and why, at the end of the day, we can’t recommend Vindale Research to you.

As one TrustPilot reviewer put it:

“I get very frustrated when I get these late disqualifications. Nothing worse the spending 20 to 30 min on a survey only to get disqualified on the last question after I hit submit.”

As an aside, I’d question the legitimacy of the above review, because that reviewer has only written one review site-wide, but it actually says Vindale Research invited them to write it.

That’s the worst part about Vindale: late disqualifications.

What’s a late disqualification? It’s when you work your way through a survey, often for 10 to 20 minutes or more (and volunteer a considerable amount of information about yourself in the process, all of which they keep) get to the end of it, and right when you expect to get paid,  discover you don’t meet the qualification for it. That’s a huge waste of time.

In all fairness to Vindale, here’s the response from a representative with their parent company, iGain LLC, via their Vindale Research BBB page:

“Unfortunately we have no control over the disqualifications as certain criteria needs to be met by the third party.  This is not considered an issue.  I understand it is frustrating, but it is very common for our users to experience this. We are actually working on adding other surveys to our site very soon to create some variety.”

At the end of the day, time is money and not respecting a consumer’s time is simply not good business. To be clear: this does not mean they’re one big Vindale Research scam.

But we found this response, and the fact that consumers could waste several hours “qualifying” only to not be compensated in any way unacceptable.

Perhaps this is just “the way it is” but again, that’s not acceptable. Vindale Research is successful and very popular. That’s great for them.

But popularity does equal legitimacy. Our verdict? Pass.

Should I Sign Up For Vindale Research?

We don’t think so. But here are 3 reliable alternatives to help you make money fast:

1.Paribus. It’s a receipt fetcher app that’s one of the most legit ways to make money online and it requires virtually zero effort beyond signing up (which takes about 20 seconds). Best of all, it’s going to work backwards, getting you money back on purchases you’ve already made. Learn more about it in our Paribus review.

2. Dosh. This is another fantastic app we can’t recommend enough. Dosh is a cashback app with millions of (happy, satisfied) users, one of the best leadership teams in the business (executives from Google and others), and free money–roughly $5–just for linking up your credit cards, debit cards and others. Learn more them in our Dosh review.

3. Swagbucks. As far as online survey sites go, this one pays well, pays on time and has no shortage of ways to make money. From downloading apps to signing up for email offers, downloading Chrome Extensions and so much more. Learn more about them in our Swagbucks review.


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