Searching for legit work from home jobs?

Working from home used to be an anomaly but–as you’ll soon discover in a moment–it’s more popular now than ever now. But the problem is this increase in popularity has led to an increase in work from home scams.

So much so that the Better Business Bureau launched a work from home scam tracker tool. Since 2015, it’s identified thousands of these employment scams throughout the U.S. and Canada.

(But you don’t even need that to use that tool to find them: just scroll through your Facebook feed and you’ll find one after a few swipes!)

That’s why we put this list together.

To help you find reliable, 100% legit work from home jobs.

Not jobs you have to pay to do, or jump through a million hoops to “qualify” for, but legit work from home jobs that will engage you, open new doors for you and pay you well for your work.

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It’s an exciting time to work from home.

In fact, we’re in the midst of a work from home revolution, as more people are working from home now than ever before.

In 2016, 43% of U.S. workers worked remotely at least occasionally, up from just 9% in 2007, as per Forbes

In total, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 22% of the US workforce works from from home and Markets Insider projects that number will balloon up to 50% of the entire US workforce by 2020, whether every so often or full-time.

These are 10 of the most legit work from home jobs we predict to grow as time goes on. From virtual assistant work to remote customer service jobs, online teaching, tutoring and more.

Online Teaching Work From Home Jobs

What if I told you that you could:

  1. Make a difference in the lives of kids
  2. Teaching what you already know
  3. Working from home on your laptop
  4. Earning $14 to $50+ per hour
  5. All on your own schedule

Would you believe me?

Well the good news is, you don’t have to: just get an online tutor or online teaching work from home job! Online teaching jobs are in high demand and they’re the triple threat of work from home world because they’re 100% legit, 100% rewarding and they’re lucrative, too.

Do you need special qualifications to teach online?
No! All that’s required is for you to share your knowledge with kids or adult learners via online chat and/or video. That’s it! Of course, advance degrees can help you land higher paying, larger scale projects.

How much do online teachers make?
A virtual teacher or online tutor often starts at $14-$22 per hour, and teachers with higher degrees can make anywhere from $22-$60 hour, according to data from Indeed.

Where can I go to find online teaching jobs?

VIP Kid tutors work from home, set their own schedule and earn anywhere from $14 to $22+ per hour teaching English. Qualifications are minimal (just speak English and pass their training) and you’ll start making money from home.

➢ My Tutor 24 is a reputable UK-based tutoring company. With over 90,000+ positive reviews from parents all over the world, they’ve been featured everywhere from The Independent to The Guardian and other major UK media. Although they’re across the pond, they hire tutors from all around the world.

 Revolution Prep, based in Santa Monica, California, is A rated on Comparably. First year tutors get paid $25-$30 per hour. They offer best-in-class perks but you need to bring your A game to qualify.

Smart Thinking is the tutoring arm of Pearson, one of the largest education companies in the world. They hire tutors year round for a wide variety of subjects.

Virtual Assistant Work From Home Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs are some of the best work from home jobs. Why? Because virtually anybody can get started doing them, and there’s no special skills or super powers required.

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed. VAs provide professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. (Similar to virtual customer service, more on that in a minute).

Best of all, the demand is always there. So you’ll always have work.

Why? Because many company owners find themselves needing assistants in many different areas of their company. Sometimes they do not need their assistants to be present at all times, so they hire a person to work from home online dealing with administrative duties.

How much do virtual assistants make?

And don’t be fooled by the “assistant” title either. Virtual assistants can earn anywhere from $14 to $30+ per hour, according to Indeed.

And as a virtual assistant, you’ll be playing a mission critical role in whichever company you work for. (I know because VAs are part of the backbone of my business–and every entrepreneur I know would agree).

Where can I go to find virtual assistant jobs?

FlexJobs is the first place we recommend you go. With an A+ rating from the BBB, and features everywhere from Fast Company to Forbes, they’re as legit as it gets as far as work from home jobs go. Unlike most job portals, this company puts as much care into screening the companies who post positions as the people seeking them.

Upwork is one of the largest online hiring portals for remote workers like virtual assistants. Plus, you can build a public portfolio and learn the ropes while getting paid for it.

Freelancer is another option to consider. Again, with both of these options, you can work remotely and gain valuable experience.

Freelance Writing Work From Home Jobs

Writing jobs are some of the most rewarding work from home jobs. Why? Because they allow you to get lost in engaging work. that you can do without even getting out of bed, all while getting paid for it!

Freelance writers typically have a lot of creative freedom, too. There’s an endless assortment of topics one can write about, from technology and cooking to nature, medicine, fashion or fine arts.

I could go on.

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Retirees looking to continue working without the commute would benefit a lot from freelance writing work from home jobs, because they provide an outlet to share lifelong work experience.

Like virtual assistants, the demand is always there. Think about for a second: what business on earth wouldn’t benefit from better communication? 

Whether it’s communicating with users via social media or communicating information through a detailed blog post (like this one), the opportunities are endless.

Now think of all the people you know who hate writing and do the math. That’s a pretty large market size for you to go after, regardless of how much you niche down, because virtually every industry in the world can benefit from quality content.

How much do freelance writers make?

Generally, the top 25% of freelance writers make  $.83 or more per word, while the middle earn roughly $.25 per word, the bottom middle earn at $.12 per word. The bottom is $.03 per word.

However, the more skills or relevant experience you can attach to your writing, the more you can specialize while differentiating yourself (while charging higher rates).

And you don’t have to bill “by the word” either. In fact, you’d be much better served charging by the project based on your time, experience and the value of the finished project to the client.

Where can I go to find freelance writing jobs?

➢ Remote Co. is a great place to start if you’re searching for legit freelance writing jobs. They routinely post remote freelance writing jobs from legit, well-known companies like Experian, Just Answer, SB Nation, Motley Fool and other major websites. also has legit work from home jobs for freelance writers. Their lists are regularly updated and the opportunities vary wildly, from gigs with snack food companies to tool companies, social media writing and so much more.

➢ ZipRecruiter is another fantastic freelance writing job resource. While other job sites make you feel like you threw your resume into a black hole, candidates who apply for writing jobs via ZipRecruiter get more interviews from quality companies faster.