Paribus Review

You will see how to get 10-20% back on virtually everything you buy in this Paribus review.

It’s a bold claim, I know. Especially when money saving apps crop up faster than Dandelions and crab grass, and they all promise the same thing: to help you “save big.”

Yet, once you sign up for them, their customer service is worthless–if you’re lucky enough to even get a hold of someone, that is–and you never get the money you were promised… or you do, but it takes 6 months to get a check for 0.25 cents. Thanks for the gum ball, pal.

Given the fly-by-night nature of many apps, I was skeptical coming into this Paribus review. But this cash back app of sorts restored my faith. Seriously.

Here are 4 reasons that come to mind off the top of my head now:

  • No bloated, battery-draining, privacy-invading app tracking my every move.
  • No taking pictures of receipts or disputes over not getting my cash back paid.
  • It operates in the background entirely on autopilot, no input required beyond setup
  • Paribus saved me $10.64 on a late Amazon delivery–another great feature


But before I dive deeper into my experience with Paribus–both the positives and negatives–let’s back track.

What is Paribus is exactly?

What Is Paribus?

Started by two Harvard graduates in 2014 and acquired by Capital One in 2016, Paribus is a no-cost, no-effort way to put extra money in your pocket off purchases you’ve already made.

In the sections that follow, you’ll discover more about Paribus, including what Paribus does, how to sign up for Paribus, what stores Paribus works with and why we recommend it so highly.

They’ve helped consumers get $29 million back in price adjustments.

This was a big part of what led to our Paribus review in the first place. We believe an app that promises to save money is only as good as the amount of money it’s saved for it’s users. And Paribus has saved consumers a whole lot of it.

The best part is Paribus costs nothing, your data doesn’t get shared with third-parties and it works 100% on autopilot with no input required beyond setup, which takes 120 seconds to do.

What Does Paribus Do?

Instead of operating like a search engine that finds the best prices on the market before you buy an item, Paribus operates by helping you save money after you’ve made a purchase.

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Here’s how Paribus works:

  • Paribus starts by scanning your email for receipts and past purchases
  • Once it identifies your receipts, it cross matches your purchases history
  • If they discover a difference in price, you’ll receive an email alert
  • Plus, Paribus also alerts you in real time when price drops occur

Best of all, Paribus runs 24/7 in the background. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it refund hunter.

If you’re concerned about privacy, Paribus is a smart choice because they don’t sell or share your data.

As soon as Paribus discovers an eligible refund, the refund process starts and that money goes back to your debit card or bank account. Another great feature: Paribus requires little to no effort after the actual signup process.

How Does Paribus Work?

How could we not detail how Paribus works in a Paribus review?

Here’s where the magic all starts: with the retailers you buy from. Most retailers have price guarantees. Meaning, if there’s a significant sale or price drop, you can file for a price change claim and get the difference back. Sounds simple, right?

The problem is, filing for these claims can be tricky, a hassle or both (does going through all of your purchases, cross-matching them with current promotions and then contacting every retailer you’ve bought from sound fun?) This is where Paribus comes in.

Filing a price adjustment claim is a time-consuming headache.

But Paribus does all of the work for you. It’s completely hands-off.

In fact, after you sign up for Paribus, it immediately begins scanning your email inbox for receipts.

After they have a full picture of your purchase history, they use algorithms to monitor price adjustments.

Should any price adjustments happen, Paribus will submit a refund request on your behalf. Paribus is paid only if the refund is successful, and Paribus takes a 25% commission. So far, we’re giving Paribus five stars in this Paribus review.

In This Article

How Do I Sign Up For Paribus?

It took me about 10 seconds to sign up for Paribus.

When you visit the Paribus website, you’ll be greeted by a landing page that should look like the one I’ve shared above. If you choose to sign up through gmail, you’ll see this page next:

Once you enter your email on that landing page, you’ll get a welcome email like this one I got:

paribus welcome email

From here Paribus starts to scan your inbox for receipts to help you get money back on things you’ve bought.

This scan includes retail price drops, late delivery recovery fees via Amazon and hotel price drops.

Make sure to link it with your primary email accounts so it can find the most receipts.

paribus loading page
Next, just sit and let Paribus work it’s algorithmic magic. Over the next 48 hours Paribus in search of ways to get you money (see above for what you’re dashboard page will look like).

This was one of my only gripes, by the way: that 48 hour wait time. But given the effectiveness of the app, it’s more of a minor inconvenience, not an actual flaw.

This is another reason I gave them five stars for this Paribus review–because they do all of the work!  While you wait, you can check out recent price adjustments Paribus scored for other members:

paribus deals page

Finally, after Paribus has 48 hours to fetch your receipts you’ll be greeted with this message:

Paribus success email

What Stores Does Paribus Work With?

Some of the stores Paribus works with include: Best Buy, Staples, Target, J. Crew, Nordstrom, Gap, Kohls, Home Depot, Costco and many others. You can view their full merchant list here.

Did you know Paribus can get you refunded for late Amazon deliveries?

Yet another reason for this five star Paribus review. This added convenience goes a long way.

However, as Paribus outlines in their policy, those stores and one’s eligibility for an adjustment is always subject to change. For instance, in December 2017 stopped offering price adjustments.

Sign I Sign Up For Paribus?

It depends.

If you don’t shop at any of the large retailers that Paribus supports, it might not be worth it.

But if you do, it’s an easy decision–unless you don’t like extra money in your pocket? Also, if you’re concerned about data sharing–as we all should be–it’s still a smart choice because Paribus doesn’t sell or share your information with third-parties.

Much like how Paribus has saved consumers considerable money, this was another reason we chose to do a Paribus review: because Paribus protects your information. That’s a requirement for us.

In the era of machine learning, and where pricing changes happen every second on the internet, it’s a wise move for a cash-conscious consumer.

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