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The Truebill app is easy to use and comes with a ton of useful features. Whether you’re trying to save money, cut down on costs, or consolidate your financial data, Truebill can help you do it.


  • Free option available
  • Highly rated mobile app
  • Innovative financial tools
  • Flexible pricing models


  • No sign-up bonus
  • No APY with Smart Savings

Truebill logo

Truebill is a money management app that helps users lower bills by canceling unwanted subscriptions.

The app also aims to help people save money by offering budgeting guidance.

Truebill has more than two million members and claims more than $100 million in savings for its customers. The Truebill app is free to use, though some features come with a cost.

In this post, we’ll break down every aspect of Truebill. You’ll find out what you get for free and what you’ll pay for, and how it stacks up against its competition.

Let’s start with a look at the top features that come with a Truebill account.

Truebill Features

Truebill is technically a free app, with plenty of functionality at no cost to its members.

However, some of the more advanced features are only available with a premium subscription.

With this in mind, we’ll break down Truebill’s features into those available with the free version and those that come with a cost.

Free Features

Mobile App

The Truebill app is available on Android and iOS and performs well on both operating systems. The app has a 4.5-star (out of 5) rating in the App Store and 4.4 stars (out of 5) in the Google Play Store.

Financial Tracking

When you link your bank accounts and credit cards, Truebill gives you a complete overview of your finances.

From spending trends to upcoming bills, the app helps you stay on top of where your money is going.

With the free version, your balances will automatically update at the end of each day.

Budget Tracking

Members can create and monitor two budgeting categories with a free account (e.g., groceries, restaurants, or travel).

Bill Negotiation

Truebill’s bill negotiation service can help trim your monthly bills by negotiating a lower rate with your service providers.

Whether you use Comcast, AT&T, or Verizon, Truebill works with your provider to get you a better deal on your cable, cell phone, or internet bill.

The feature is available to all members, but Truebill charges a fee if it ends up getting you a better deal. The fee is based on 30% to 60% of your annual savings, which you’ll pay upfront.

You can choose ahead of time what percentage of your savings you’ll send back to Truebill.

For example, if Truebill negotiates to drop your monthly internet bill by $10, it’s secured you an annual savings of $120.

Say you chose to pay a 40% fee — Once the new rate is confirmed, Truebill will charge you 40% of those savings, which, in this case, would be $48.

If Truebill isn’t able to get your bill lowered, you won’t pay anything. Plus, if you run into an overdraft fee or late fee, Truebill will appeal to your bank to request refunds on your behalf.

Pay Advance

If you need a little extra cash to hold you over until payday, you can request a cash advance of up to $100.

Advances are interest-free and are deposited directly into your linked checking account.

There’s no credit check required for a pay advance, and the funds should show up in your account instantly.

Truebill will give you the option to leave a tip in exchange for the free service, but this is entirely optional and won’t affect your membership status.

Premium Features

Premium Chat

If you’re a paying customer, you’ll get priority support when you need help with your account. Premium members have access to live chat with Truebill customer advocates, so you’ll be able to get the answers you’re looking for a little quicker.

Real-Time Balance Syncing

The balances of your linked accounts and credit cards sync daily with the free version. Paid subscribers get real-time updates. This way, you have access to your complete financial picture at all times.

Cancellations Concierge

Think of all of the recurring bills you might have — Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, a gym membership — monthly subscriptions can add up in a hurry. And are you really using all of them?

Truebill analyzes all of your recurring payments so that you’ll never losing track of what you’re paying for. Plus, it’ll even cancel unwanted subscriptions for you, so you can save money without lifting a finger. Truebill claims to have canceled more than one million subscriptions already.

Custom Categories

Truebill’s budgeting platform comes with built-in categories. With Premium, you can tailor them to your unique financial life. You can add or remove categories however and make your budget as simple or complex as you need.

Unlimited Budgets

With the Premium version, you can set as many budgeting categories as you want (as opposed to just two budget categories with a free account).

Smart Savings

Truebill offers FDIC-insured bank accounts through its partner banks, NBKC and Synapse.

Smart Savings accounts are quick to set up fully customizable. Just choose your savings goal and deposit frequency, and Truebill’s automation features will automatically transfer money into the account for you.

Unfortunately, the account doesn’t come with APY earnings, so it’s best for short-term savings goals. You can transfer money out of the account at any time.

As a Premium member, there are no fees for Smart Savings. There’s a $2 monthly service fee if you want to access Smart Savings with a free account.

Credit Score Monitoring

Truebill helps you track and improve your credit score through regular updates on your credit report. You can check your score at any time, and the app will notify you if any changes pop up.

Truebill Products

Truebill Free Account

Truebill’s freemium model is a common strategy among personal finance apps. The free version has enough to make it worthwhile in its own right, but to access the full scope of what Truebill can do, you’ll need to upgrade to its subscription service.

Truebill Premium

Truebill Premium comes with a monthly fee between $3 and $12 per month. How much you pay is completely up to you, and you won’t lose access to any features if you opt for the minimum.

Alternately, you can choose to pay annually. Annual fee options range from $36 to $48.

Truebill Fees

So, how much does Truebill cost? As you can see, the true cost of Truebill depends on how you engage with the app.

It completely depends on which features are important to you and what you need out of it.

With that in mind, here’s an overview of all of the potential costs that you could run into:

Monthly Fees

If you opt for premium services, you’ll pay a monthly fee of $3 to $12 per month. Truebill leaves your monthly fee up to you and won’t penalize you for choosing a lower option.

If you enjoy the platform and want to support the company, you can pay more, but there’s no real reason to pay more than the minimum.

Bill Negotiation Fees

When Truebill negotiates the cost of monthly bills on your behalf, you’ll pay a percentage of the money that it was able to save for you.

Again, you choose the amount you pay, with options ranging from 30% to 60% of annual savings.

The downside here is that you pay the fee upfront, not monthly. If Truebill can save you $250 over a year, that’s great, but it also means you’ll owe an upfront fee of $75, even if you choose the minimum option.

Upfront charges for bill negotiation seem to be the leading cause of complaints among users.

Smart Savings Account Fees

A Smart Savings account is included with your premium subscription. If you only use the free version, there’s a $2 monthly maintenance fee.


If you take out a cash advance, Truebill gives you the option to leave a tip for the service. This is entirely optional, so don’t feel obligated to leave a tip if you don’t feel like it.

Getting Started

Signing up with Truebill is quick and easy. Head to the website, or download the app, and start by entering your email address.

From there, Truebill will ask what you’re hoping to focus on. For example, you can declare whether your goal is to track spending, boost your savings, or lower your bills.

Next, you’ll give Truebill access to your bank accounts, credit cards, and other relevant financial information. The more you share, the better overall picture Truebill has of your financial life.

Once everything is linked, you can become a member and start using the app.


Truebill doesn’t offer any bonus for enrolling in a new account, but it does reward you for bringing new people onto the platform.

It isn’t the easiest referral bonus to get your hands on, but if you successfully refer three friends, you’ll get a $15 payout.

The maximum referral bonus that a user can receive is $60, so you’ll need to bring in 12 new members to get the full bonus.


To keep your sensitive information secure, Truebill invests in bank-level 256-bit encryption. It also promises that it will never sell your data.

When linking to your financial accounts, Truebill relies on Plaid, which is a trusted digital middleman between finance apps and banks or credit card providers.

Truebill never stores any of your financial information on its own servers, and your data is always encrypted as it moves between platforms.

Lastly, your Smart Savings account is protected by FDIC insurance, which ensures that your funds are safe if one of Truebill’s partner banks goes under.

Customer Service

Truebill’s Help Center is mostly a collection of FAQs that can help you navigate the platform, but it also includes a chat feature that allows you to ask a question.

However, the chat comes with the disclaimer that it could take a day or more to get a response. To gain access to live chat, you need to upgrade to Premium.

Truebill doesn’t have a customer service phone line, so you’ll have to rely entirely on digital options for support.

Overall, Truebill customers seem enthusiastic about the platform, as reflected by its 4.4-star (out of 5) rating on Trustpilot.

Pros & Cons


  • Free option available
  • Highly rated mobile app
  • Innovative financial tools
  • Flexible pricing models


  • No sign-up bonus
  • No APY with Smart Savings
  • Hefty upfront costs on successful bill negotiations

Alternatives to Truebill

Other financial apps like Mint and Trim provide similar services to Truebill.

Mint is a free budgeting app that analyzes your finances. Trim is probably Truebill’s most comparable competitor.

The main difference between Truebill and Trim is the cost of each app’s premium service. Trim charges $99 per year but doesn’t charge bill negotiation fees.

Truebill FAQs

Is Truebill safe?

Yes. Truebill is not a scam and is a legitimate option for managing your finances. It has in-house and third-party security protocols in place to protect your sensitive data and your money.

Is Truebill better than Mint?

It depends on what you’re looking for. The apps do many of the same things, such as tracking your spending, suggesting a budget, and monitoring your credit.

However, features like Truebill’s subscription maintenance and bill negotiation are unique.

Mint, on the other hand, aims to connect you with its partner services like credit cards, loans, and investment accounts.

Is Truebill worth it?

All of the free aspects of Truebill are absolutely worth it. It’s financial tracking, pay advance, and budgeting tools come at no cost and can help you keep your finances organized.

Whether or not Truebill is worth it for you depends on which services you need. The monthly cost of a Premium membership is low, but if you aren’t using the tools actively, then what’s the point?

Is Truebill Right For You?

If you constantly feel like you’re struggling to improve your financial situation, Truebill can help you get things in order.

The app’s easy to use and comes with a ton of useful features. Whether you’re trying to save money, cut down on costs, or just consolidate your financial data, Truebill can help you do it.

The key is to keep the costs of Truebill in mind. The Premium version of the app is cheap, but it’s only worth it if you’re truly making use of the included tools.

Also, if Truebill is able to call your utility provider and negotiate a lower rate, why can’t you do the same thing?

At the end of the day, Truebill won’t solve all of your money problems. But it can help you get moving in the right direction.

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